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2018 > 04

I remember what it was like to be bored. Now I wonder if it will ever happen to me again. With my big family and my work, there are so many things I wanna do. Write more songs, learn more about the music business, find more ways to spread my music, write a book (or three), meet my friends a lot more than I do today, study (learn a new language, play the piano and more about other cultures) and time to talk more to my fans and the people I meet online because every person always has an interesting story. I think I will never be bored again. Perhaps a little tired. ;-)

The past weeks have been crazy. I spent many hours in the studio to get my new song ready for release. It's called "Don't wanna know" and it is about being on social media. How intriguing and exciting it can be to get small glints of other peoples lives and to communicate with friends you hardly see. But every now and then you se things you kind of wish you hadn’t. It could be picture of a lost love happy with a new girlfriend, animals getting hurt or children living in horrible conditions. The pros and cons of social media. Something I have experienced a lot since I started to spread my music. I really hope you will like the song. It’s very dear to me.

We just came home from a couple of days skiing with the kids. It’s been really great. Sun was shining and the kids had a blast with new friends and skiing. I love watching the kids give it their all and conquer their fears. The glow in their eyes when they finally make it. It fills my heart and I spend the days in the slopes with a smile on my face.
But the first night was a total joke! My husband, and me where tired already from work and some personal issues so we fell asleep late. After about 30 minutes one child woke up from a crazy nightmare and was screaming for a long time. He finally fell back to sleep and just as I relaxed and was close to falling asleep another child started coughing a lot. After a wile I asked my husband to get her some water. He did. A big bottle of water. By the next cough it all came back up again, all over her and me. Great! My husband stormed up an came back with some tissues. Nooo! I need a big towel, I shouted. He missed the word BIG and came back with a small cloth just in time for me to catch the next batch of vomit. Half an hour later we were al clean and she felt better and fell back to sleep. So did we, for about 30min before the boy with the nightmare woke up again and needed to poo… I think I fell asleep around 4 o clock that night. Four hours later we got up and had a really nice day skiing, but my god I was tired! 
Now I look forward to a good night sleep in my own bed and just pray the kids will do so too. 

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