Sweden’s "Superwoman" of Pop and Soul, ELINDA is a powerful adult contemporary vocalist and songwriter. An explosion of positivity in music – pure love and glowing with an exuberance that’s infectious.
Now based in Los Angeles working on her album "Superwoman"

New Release
"Silent Night"

Happy Holidays!

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Thank you for supporting me!

So much fun in New York filming this video pre-covid! Great atmosphere and happy people all around! I hope we all can dance together again soon.

Photo: Lasse Eklöf
Photo: Lasse Eklöf

Elinda's LAwn

During lockdown, Elinda is spreading love all around the world from her lawn in California. Music and Guests.
11 live streamed acoustical performances of well known songs as well as her own. Welcome!

Bells visiting Elindas LAwn


Jonathan did his first photo shoot today. Lenka Ulrichova, my friend who usually take pics of various famous people for a living, was amazing and made him feel like a star. 👌 So now we look forward to seeing the results! @jonisofficial
Taking time off from packing to get my workout at @dmn8_gym the best gym in town. This place and this guy has helped me so much to stay strong and sane during the pandemic. Forever grateful! ❤️ #dmn8 #outdoorgym #oceanview
Overwhelmed by all birthday wishes this morning! Thank you so much. ❤️ My day has just started but I can already feel it’s gonna be a good one. My family came in with gifts and sang for me this morning. My seven year old daughter was very dedicated and totally in charge of choosing the gifts. 🤪👌 So it was all pink and sparkly, and very LA!! 💃👠 Love it! If we get our new house with a pool this is what I’ll wear all day! 🥂😂 Next I’ll have lunch with some friends and then Mikael has a surprise for tonight. Feeling blessed and loved!! Thank you all! ❤️🥰❤️
Last day of school!! ☀️ So damn proud of my kids jumping from country to country, switching languages back and forth and always facing their challenges with an open mind and ready to scoop up whatever opportunities and joy they can find on the way. They all struggle from time to time but as they handle it they grow stronger and more confident. You are all amazing and really deserve a break now. ❤️❤️❤️
Finally some time alone. ❤️ Took the scenic drive up to Santa Barbara. So beautiful and good for the soul. #nokids #abouttime #staycation #relaxation