Sweden’s "Superwoman" of Pop and Soul, ELINDA is a powerful adult contemporary vocalist and songwriter. An explosion of positivity in music – pure love and glowing with an exuberance that’s infectious.
Now based in Los Angeles working on her album "Superwoman"

New Release
"Silent Night"

Happy Holidays!

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Thank you for supporting me!

So much fun in New York filming this video pre-covid! Great atmosphere and happy people all around! I hope we all can dance together again soon.

Photo: Lasse Eklöf
Photo: Lasse Eklöf

Elinda's LAwn

During lockdown, Elinda is spreading love all around the world from her lawn in California. Music and Guests.
11 live streamed acoustical performances of well known songs as well as her own. Welcome!

Bells visiting Elindas LAwn


Time for my morning workout with the girls. 💃 HIT-workout mixed up with some spontaneous dancing, to this view! 👌#nomaskneeded #getinshape #staysane #funmakesiteasy #outdoorgym #dmn8
Happy New Year!! Had a very nice evening with my family and two close friends. Thank you 2021 for teaching me resilience and the importance to stop and heal. Unfortunately I could also see how fear can change people. Not to the better… So 2022! Bring it on!! Don’t have any wishes other than that the world will make more sense. 🙏That people will stay safe and open and always treat each other with respect. Let’s not spread fear and blame, let’s spread knowledge and logic. Stay curios. Stay brave. Stay true! ❤️✨ Happy New Year! 🥳 #2022 #newbeginnings #staytrue #staysafe #staycurious #spreadlove
A California Christmas!! 🎄✨ @holidayroad #christmasspirit
Last workout of the year on the beach with @dmn8_app in the holiday spirit. 🤶🎄✨ So happy my beautiful friend Liesa introduced me to this funky crowd that gives me a great maskless fun workout with the ocean as a backdrop. 👌💪 #elindamusic #stayinshape #stayhealthy #havefundoingit #merrychristmas
The last show for this year! It’s been so much fun to meet all the girls again and sing some Xmas songs to get in to the true Xmas spirit. Happy 4th advent! 🌟 #sanktalucia #swedishcelebration #lightinthedarkness #swedishcommunity