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Photo: Lasse Eklöf
Photo: Lasse Eklöf



Not a dull moment in LA. 😜 We finally get here with our VISA (picked up just hours before take off) and still with a jet lag the fires start and people really close to our house are forced to evacuate. When these are finally put out and things should slow down we go through hours and hours of trying to get our Social security numbers, a bank account, a debit card and checks (yes they still use them here... 🙃). There is no end to the madness in administration and doing everything over and over again. Like a “Falling down”-kinda feeling... 😝The kids have started in the Swedish school with lessons every Tuesday afternoon. I stayed for few minutes to get Emelie comfortable in her class only to find my self locked in together with 12 4-5 year olds and their teacher. 🤔 1,5 h later they finally manage to break down the door and let the poor kids out (and to the bathroom). This too is an exciting week with many crucial decisions to make and waiting for answers. I keep thinking that next will be slow. But I’m starting to wonder... But the beach is lovely and so are most of the people here. ❤️ Like the wonderful girl who took me to where the first picture is taken. A beautiful place here where parts of Ghandis ashes are kept. 🙏


These guys got to experience a real Halloween this year... 🎃 And we only saw tiny bits of what was there. People actually hires a group of actors to do a full play on their front lawn, just to scare and entertain the neighbors. #halloween #la #therealdeal


Not a dull moment since we arrived in LA. 😅 Last night we woke up by five telephones going of with fire alerts. Previously the fires had been much further north but when I looked at the map at 2:30am and realized this was all happening just a few blocks from us, it suddenly got real.! We could smell the strong smoke and closed all the windows, packed a bag with necessities, ready to get in the car and go with four kids. The we waited. Eyes closely on the map following the fire moving west but also south towards us. Finally it stops moving but as of now it is still not contained. Schools are closed and we stay inside with closed windows. Expecting an air purifier from Amazon arriving tomorrow. Right now the winds are mild but Wednesday they will turn and be really strong. Hopefully it will be out before that happens!! Grateful for the courageous firefighters and police that worked very efficient. 618 acres fire and only a few houses got destroyed. Be safe!!


Time to get busy and let them know who’s in town! #elindamusic #la #newkidintown #empoweringwomen #superwoman


Time to get settled here in LA. Might as well start with a piece of home. #ikea #losangeles #elindamusic


Photo: Jens Kristensson Photo: Jens Kristensson

A Happy Year has passed. And my god it sure has been happy in so many ways, just like I wished for. I want to start by thanking all my friends and fans for all your support throughout this whole journey! You have made my day so many times and always given me new strength to keep it up. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!! <3
What an exciting year! My first single was released and it got picked up by Spotify playlist - New Music Friday, in two countries. I released 5 songs including the last Christmas song ”O holy night” and two remixes of ”Superwoman”. We managed to make two music videos that turned out really well considering the small budgets and one more is coming up shortly. I have been doing 15 live performances including a big music festival in New York and a big event for Empowered women. It's been amazing to find out that friends, fans and radio stations around the world have added my music to their playlists. I have also been fortunate to work with extremely talented and devoted people and always with the support and love of my partner in marriage and music. The most creative music producer I have ever worked with. Together we do everything. We are raising five kids together but almost every night we stay up late, working on strategies and building my socials. We have been traveling by car, bus, train, tube, helicopter and plane to different corners of the world to sing, network, record videos and meet people to collaborate with like publishers, managers, labels, music licensing, PR agents and co-writers. Next year will show what comes out of all of that.

Overall it really has been a very Happy Year! I’ve had so much fun and learned so much. So now I’m going to wish for one more, and then one more, and one more. But I’m not just going to sit around and wait for happiness to come. I’m going to make sure it does by doing everything possible to make it happen.
But my family have also been fortunate enough to stay healthy this year, and that makes everything easier. Even though I think that even health is a choice to some extent. At least there are many things you can do to improve it and help our bodies to stay well.

The year has also been a roller coaster. Like life always is. A lot of dark and selfish forces that takes us all back to the horrible times of World war II are rising around our Globe. People who are pretty well off, suddenly get scared of losing it and starts to act irrationally. 
Also, the obsessed struggle for wealth and fortune by some, are driving others to suicide. RIP Avicii! I don’t know when I will get over the sadness of such a young and talented young man with all the possibilities in the world suddenly decides that he has none. It’s just sad beyond comprehension.
And politics has been total chaos to the extent that the whole country is losing faith in the system. I wonder what will come out of that crazy ordeal. Exciting!! ;-)
Sometimes I have been wondering what the F I’m doing, trying to make people find my music in this digital jungle of songs. And I still have doubt a lot of the times. But so what? Does it really matter in the end? I’m not going to be happier for a Grammy award then I am for just doing this. A Grammy would, of course, be nice ;-) but the next day the struggle continues. The happiness of success is short! The happiness of a job well done lasts forever!

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Twistonline - ELINDA Twistonline - ELINDA

An interview by Twistonline. 

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