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Photo: Lasse Eklöf
Photo: Lasse Eklöf


The rain stopped when we arrived and we had an amazing midsummer eve ☀️with my brother and cousin with families. My sister-in-law Maria, was (as always) the best host ever making amazing food, and it was her birthday!! 💝 The kids had a great time together and the two youngest girls learned how to swim! Way to go Emelie and Elise!! 💪👌🤸🙏 #familyfirst #timestoremember #midsommar #midsommartårta
Feeling awsome! #evolving #newbeginnings #newadventures #whoknowswhatsnext #truelife #liveinthenow
A beautiful and fun celebration of my second godsons graduation that ended with a big party with all his friends. Didn’t catch a photo of that because I was busy dancing… 🤪💃🥂🇸🇪 #graduation #ageisnotathing #funtimes #proudauntie
Can’t wait to get back in the game again! Time to finally finish my album. Covid made me a full time mom and I have taken this time off from the stage to grow as a person. A very important and interesting journey but now I need to be creative again. Can’t wait to meet the beautiful smiles from an audience again. Hope to see you soon! ☀️ #elindamusic #covidmom #nextlevel #newalbum #superwoman
The uncertainties of our time is a challenge. But I’m taking it step by step and bit by bit. Mile by mile at times but I’m growing stronger and wiser and find out things about myself I would never had stoped to listen to. Let’s keep on walking! 👍💪