Sweden’s "Superwoman" of Pop and Soul, ELINDA is a powerful adult contemporary vocalist and songwriter. An explosion of positivity in music – pure love and glowing with an exuberance that’s infectious.
Now based in Los Angeles working on her album "Superwoman"

New Release
"Silent Night"

Happy Holidays!

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So much fun in New York filming this video pre-covid! Great atmosphere and happy people all around! I hope we all can dance together again soon.

Photo: Lasse Eklöf
Photo: Lasse Eklöf

Elinda's LAwn

During lockdown, Elinda is spreading love all around the world from her lawn in California. Music and Guests.
11 live streamed acoustical performances of well known songs as well as her own. Welcome!

Bells visiting Elindas LAwn


Xmas is coming and the Lucia season has officially started. Last weekend it was SWEAs Christmas fair and this coming weekend we sing at IKEA and Malibu pier. Happy holidays!! ❤️🤶🎄🕯️ #christmas #stlucia #candlesinmyhair #sweala #ikea
And the day came when this boy got his drivers license! 🎉 Almost a perfect score! 👌Freedom for both him and me. Not all happy about having him drive on the 8-10 lane Freeways here in LA but he’s a good driver so I’ll have to trust in that. So happy for him and I’m looking forward to him taking the kids to school and activities. Yay!! 💃🎉
My baby is doing his thing! ❤️ His first song ever, released on Spotify today Sept 1st. It’s been a dream of his for a long time. 11-years old and already a great song writer and producer. He has two busy parents so this is all him. So proud of him! Check out his own production “Like a bite”. #newrelease #likeabite #alexfrith #diy #onlyeleven
10 years!! 💍 Never a boring moment. 😅 We just got back from Sweden and moved the same week. Finished moving yesterday but took off on an overnight staycation to celebrate the crazy but mostly fun rollercoaster we’ve been on since we met. Through thick and thin I always find you attractive at the end of the day. You will always make me laugh, be my best friend and the only one I can be 100% honest with. I love you and I love growing old with you.❤️ #weddinganniversary #tenyears #staycation #youseeme #kidsoldenoughtostayhomealone
So happy that I finally have someone to share my love of horses with in our family. Emelie only had a handful lessons but she is already doing so great. And the view where we ride just couldn’t be more beautiful!! 👌☀️⛰️