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Photo: Lasse Eklöf
Photo: Lasse Eklöf


The best birthday is when you do exactly what YOU feel like doing. I was celebrated by my family in the morning. Took a morning swim and after breakfast I went to an empty apartment where I sat and watched Netflix (while doing laundry) for a few hours. Just me! Amazing!! Then I went back to my family for a nice dinner and some bubbles! Being away makes you appreciate what you’ve got! A perfect day for me, right now! #mykindofday #metime #birthdaywishes
Today I was finally ready to sing again. Due to our move to LA (waiting for a work permit) and the pandemic, it’s been a while. Almost two years if you don’t count the live streams I did on my lawn. But just before I got there it started to pour down, getting all the equipment soaking wet. So, they had to cancel the performance!! All dressed up and nowhere to go! Well well, at least I got to see my friend and colleague @021henke! And then I went back to my mom and we celebrated the uncertainties of life. With the best champagne I know! Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get! #acancelledgigisalsoagig #elindamusic #visby
The rain stopped when we arrived and we had an amazing midsummer eve ☀️with my brother and cousin with families. My sister-in-law Maria, was (as always) the best host ever making amazing food, and it was her birthday!! 💝 The kids had a great time together and the two youngest girls learned how to swim! Way to go Emelie and Elise!! 💪👌🤸🙏 #familyfirst #timestoremember #midsommar #midsommartårta
Feeling awsome! #evolving #newbeginnings #newadventures #whoknowswhatsnext #truelife #liveinthenow
A beautiful and fun celebration of my second godsons graduation that ended with a big party with all his friends. Didn’t catch a photo of that because I was busy dancing… 🤪💃🥂🇸🇪 #graduation #ageisnotathing #funtimes #proudauntie