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Spring is finally here! I love the four seasons. After the gray winter you really appreciate every single sunray and when we feel the increase in temperature things happen with us northerners. We start to smile more, say hi to each other on the streets again and suddenly we are a lot more continental in our way of living. But the air is still fresh and crispy in way you will never experience in countries with warmer climates. Love it!
Been working very hard these past weeks. I'm planning my first video! Also the third single was released, my first power ballad. “I don’t want to know”, a strong song that you need to pay attention to while listening and use headphones to get the full experience. Maybe not easy listening but I love it and it brings out a lot of emotions every time I listen to it.

This week something happened that made the song even more true to me. I was on social media and saw a post from the Swedish democrats, the biggest right wing party in Swedish politics. They want a new law where all citizens are forced to inform the police if you think that your neighbour is helping an immigrant that is here illegally. Just like in the old Nazi days! I can’t believe it! It’s a huge step towards the horror that we all feel so ashamed of today. A whole country has been living in the shadow of this shame ever since it happened. No one dares to mention the war when in Germany today. Is that the kind of situation we want for Sweden? Do we want people to look at each other with suspicion? Cause if they are doing something illegal, you could get punished for it. The whole thing is just outrageous and just shows the true nature of the party. Yes, Sweden sucks at immigration and we are not taking good care of all the new comers. They are not allowed to work and the all administration takes forever. The result being that people that initially came here with a strong sence of pride, willing to dig in and contribute to our country, turns bitter and loose all respect to our country. This is something that needs to be addressed immediately by our politicians. But we can’t loose the human perspective. We can’t go there. Never again! Have history really taught us nothing!!!?

That is something I almost wish I had never read because it made me so upset. But in the end off course I have to stay informed. I have to do my part to make my country a country I can be proud of. And I will use my music as a tool.

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It's been a while. My trip was really something special so I had to collect my thoughts before I could write them down. And before I went I wasn’t allowed to talk about it at all, for safety reasons. But now I’m back on “safe soil” in the arms of my children and with new perspectives on life.
It’s a long story but I will try to be short. We set off to Denmark and got on a military plane there. We were a bit late and although the plane was far from full I realised quickly that the more experienced soldiers had all taken a row of three seats each. So most of us musicians sat together which was nice in the beginning, but you couldn’t fold the backrest so it was very hard to get any sleep. Also the fact that a couple of Lithuanians were having a loud party in the seat in front of us, did not help.

After a first stop in Georgia to pick up some new soldiers we continued to Kabul and even though I was extremely tired and had finally found some space to sleep, I just had to stay awake and look at the beautiful landscape when we took off. Also I must admit I was a little bit scared since I read so much about terrible things going on in Kabul recently. And it was no use falling back to sleep on the short flight over to Mazar e Sharif either. As a mother of small kids with a cold this was not the perfect start but it was what it was.

Foto Nicklas Thelin Foto Nicklas Thelin

On the ground we got well taken care of and where given a short security brief and armour, helmet and a first aid kit was handed out. Suddenly I was standing in the middle of the desert, surrounded by high walls with barbed wires and maybe even hostility in the area. A very absurd and strange feeling it took me a while to digest. 
But we got down to business and started preparing what we were there for. The people, from all nations on the camp, were extremely friendly and seemed very happy to see us as a nice and welcome break from their every day life down there. All musicians in the Swedish armed forces entertainers are trained before we are allowed to go on missions. But most of us are still a bit confused about many things, like all the rules in the military which I think they all found a bit amusing. But our job is to entertain so that’s ok. ;-)

We did a fun interview on the German military radio and sang a few songs outside the mess to let people now that we were there. And the shows went great. That was the easy part and almost the same as home besides from the extremely thankful audience. I saw tears running down and a lot of photos were taken after the big show in the atrium for all the nations.

We visited an Afghan restaurant and a bazaar where we could buy some silk scarves and other souvenirs and on the way home we stopped by the memorial to pay our respect to all the soldiers who had died. There were a lot. Not that many Swedes but many lives of young boys, gone far to early. I will never understand war. I will never understand how the need for power or money can make you go so far as to actually end somebody’s life. I think that what the Swedish soldiers do there now, seems like a good thing, helping the gouvernment to get a more stabile situation and work for women's rights and so on. But I also know that there is always two sides to every story. And both sides have families and loved ones that will miss them when they are gone.

I it was a great adventure but the things I will remember most are all the many inspiring conversations I had with both the Swedish and foreign soldiers. The sacrifice they make, staying away from their loved ones at home, and their everyday struggle down there with language barriers and differences in cultures and so on. They really are true heroes to me.

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I remember what it was like to be bored. Now I wonder if it will ever happen to me again. With my big family and my work, there are so many things I wanna do. Write more songs, learn more about the music business, find more ways to spread my music, write a book (or three), meet my friends a lot more than I do today, study (learn a new language, play the piano and more about other cultures) and time to talk more to my fans and the people I meet online because every person always has an interesting story. I think I will never be bored again. Perhaps a little tired. ;-)

The past weeks have been crazy. I spent many hours in the studio to get my new song ready for release. It's called "Don't wanna know" and it is about being on social media. How intriguing and exciting it can be to get small glints of other peoples lives and to communicate with friends you hardly see. But every now and then you se things you kind of wish you hadn’t. It could be picture of a lost love happy with a new girlfriend, animals getting hurt or children living in horrible conditions. The pros and cons of social media. Something I have experienced a lot since I started to spread my music. I really hope you will like the song. It’s very dear to me.

We just came home from a couple of days skiing with the kids. It’s been really great. Sun was shining and the kids had a blast with new friends and skiing. I love watching the kids give it their all and conquer their fears. The glow in their eyes when they finally make it. It fills my heart and I spend the days in the slopes with a smile on my face.
But the first night was a total joke! My husband, and me where tired already from work and some personal issues so we fell asleep late. After about 30 minutes one child woke up from a crazy nightmare and was screaming for a long time. He finally fell back to sleep and just as I relaxed and was close to falling asleep another child started coughing a lot. After a wile I asked my husband to get her some water. He did. A big bottle of water. By the next cough it all came back up again, all over her and me. Great! My husband stormed up an came back with some tissues. Nooo! I need a big towel, I shouted. He missed the word BIG and came back with a small cloth just in time for me to catch the next batch of vomit. Half an hour later we were al clean and she felt better and fell back to sleep. So did we, for about 30min before the boy with the nightmare woke up again and needed to poo… I think I fell asleep around 4 o clock that night. Four hours later we got up and had a really nice day skiing, but my god I was tired! 
Now I look forward to a good night sleep in my own bed and just pray the kids will do so too. 

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Amsterdam airport Amsterdam airport
What I’m trying to do is nearby impossible. But that’s also what makes it so exciting. I’ve had very creative days in Amsterdam, making decisions and setting new goals. For starters, if we want to have a chance at making a living out of our original music we need to look outside of Sweden. I already have many fans around the world that I know support me a lot and wanna be part of what I do. And the blog don’t translate so even though its harder for me to write and maybe harder for my Swedish fans to read, I will write in English for the time being. This will save me a lot of time. In the future I hope to be able to do both but right now there’s not enough time. That brings me to the second thing we decided. I need help. We can’t do it all ourselves and manage to bring in the money and take care of the kids. We will break. And that’s not the intension with our company Breaking Records… ;-) We have so many contacts and leads that needs to be addressed to spead thing up.

Change of topic: This week a song created by women for the Metoo movement was released and I am one of 56 women to feature on it. Its called "What ever they are saying" if you translate to English. It's a nice song, have a listen. You find it on Spotufy, on my artist page under features. I would have hoped for a more girlpower feeling in the mix but apparently it was very difficult with so many tracks. I’m still proud of being a part of it and hope that it brings in a lot of money for the Womens rights organisations.

Cover to "Vad dom än säger" - Vo PAM mfl. Cover to "Vad dom än säger" - Vo PAM mfl.

What about Metoo? I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately. It is a very important thing that is happening all around the world and I’m happy to be a part of it. The problem is that there is no boss controlling the whole thing. It’s just a big force.  There are guidelines like don’t accuse people or mention any names before their case has been tried in a civil court and so on but the media don’t care about that. They just want the nasty details and have no thought of the consequences of their actions. And from the beginning some people are using it for their own benefit, to get back at an old boyfriend or just for the attention. That breaks and destroys the whole movement. I participated in the movement when all the Swedish singers got together to speak up with one voice. I read all the stories in our closed group on Facebook and it was horrible. So many woman that were badly treated, raped and molested in different ways. How they all spoke about the shame and the fact that so many women kept it to them selves and lived with this secret for many years. Until now! And that is the biggest gain in this whole movement I think, that so many woman have been able to put the blame and the shame where it belongs.
But there have also been casualties like broken families and wrongly accused men. That is so sad and I feel for those it concerns but if we look wider and see all the women that has been hurt through out thousands of years, women whose lives where destroyed and women who killed themselves because of the shame and so on. That number is so extremely far from the number of men that gets hurt now so we must look beyond this and fight for the rights of our daughters and their daughters. And I do hope that this Metoo expands to include all people in the end. There are also men that are being badly treated and sexually harassed by their female boss. It’s a question of peoples right to their body and the danger when there is a big imbalance in power of some sort.

I just had to get that out of my system. Please feel free to make a comment and tell me what you think about it.
Amsterdam was great. A beautiful city with all the canals. But there was no spring, freakishly cold actually. Next week I’m going skiing with the kids but after that I really hope that spring will come to Stockholm. I need it now! Take care of yourself and those you love. <3

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En galen vecka! Sjukt rolig. Tänk vad jag skulle ha gått miste om om jag inte vågat göra detta. I vanlig ordning så hängde allt på det berömda håret inför torsdagens företagsjobb. Eftersom att barnen varit sjuka så låg vi galet efter i planeringen. Företagets egen låt, som jag varit med och skrivit skulle bli klar, min nya låt "Dance with me" (Co-write med Andreas Aleman) behövde både stämmor och produktion av backtrack. Som tur var hade jag min trogna vän Sophie Conte med mig på kör och gitarr och begåvade Elena som tidigare körat bakom mig i ABBA-bandet ställde också upp på kort varsel. De fick materialet bara några dagar innan. Jag var själv också tvungen att lära mig låtarna. De satt knappast som en smäck på releasen i början av feb och nu skulle jag sätta två låtar till. Det var en bra chans att få in fler företagsgig som Elinda så det var tvunget till att bli bra.

Vi hinner. Micke drar ut den sista filen på en sticka ca 2 min innan jag sätter mig i bilen för att hämta upp brudarna och sen köra en och en halv timme utanför Sthlm i snöstormen. Vi råkar såklart ut för en olycka på vägen och sladdar in på hotellets personalparkering tio minuter efter att soundcheck skulle ha börjat. Men det är proffs på plats och allt går snabbt och smidigt. Giget blir en succé. Ljusshowen är grym och min logga är både bakom mig och på båda långsidorna i lokalen. Publiken står upp redan i första låten och dansar spontant genom alla tre låtar. Jag får ett lyckorus då jag känner att detta faktiskt kommer funka. Folk gillar det! Trots att de aldrig har hört låtarna innan.

IMG_0668 IMG_0668

Glada kramar vi om varandra och packar ihop. Elena har bråttom till ett tåg så vi ger oss ut i snöstormen igen. Väl vid bilen inser vi att de har stängt och låst grindarna till parkeringen. Skit också. Jag springer tillbaka till hotellet och ber dom öppna grindarna. "Vilka grindar?", får jag till svar. Inser direkt att detta inte är bra. Efter viss förvirring förstår jag att vi har ställt oss på fel personalparkering när vi sladdade in i snöstormen. En sjukt missvisande skylt lurade oss. Nu står vi alltså på badhusets parkering, som stängde för tre timmar sedan! Lovely! Vi letar febrilt efter kontaktpersoner, vaktmästare mfl utan framgång. Väcker nån stackare som visade sig inte ha ett dugg med badhuset att göra.

Tillslut får vi tag på larmbolaget som inte alls förstår vart vi är och om de överhuvudtaget har nyckel till parkeringen, men efter en dryg timmes förvirring kommer en trevlig tjej, nyckeln passar och vi är plötsligt fria. På vägen hem kom jag på att BAM släppts vid midnatt så då poppade vi på hög volym. Kom i säng kl 2 och skulle såklart upp igen kl 6 med barnen. ;-P 
Även fredgen blev en lång dag. BAM skulle ut i alla kanaler och sen var det föräldrarmedverkan på förskolan på em och sen fredagsmys m familjen.
Ok, lördag: på det igen, treårskalas för släkten. Vi fick ju ställa in helgen innan när Alex kräktes. Städa, handla och piffa. Men det blev sååå mysigt. Trots att jag var helt slut så var det kul att träffa alla och många stannade och hade Mellomys på kvällen också. Barnen dansade som galningar och hade eget disco efteråt. Min bror har barn i samma åldrar och jag njuter verkligen av att se hur de hittar varandra. Minns själv hur det var när jag var liten. Hur pulsen steg med känslan av samhörighet. 

Fotograf: Peter Werner Fotograf: Peter Werner

JA men på söndagen var det dags igen. Ingen rast och ingen ro! Upp kl 6:30 och iväg till båtmässan för det coola eventet fixat av nätverket "She - Captain". Sophie var med igen och vi träffade producentens man på plats. Han var trummis och tog med sin cajon (en liten låda som man trummar på och får ut olika ljud). Vi synkade oss snabbt och spelade små vinjetter när varje talare blev presenterad. Jag agerade även sidekick till Anna och bidrog med mina erfarenheter av båtlivet. Sen sjöng jag min låt "Superwoman" vilken passade som en smäck där bland alla dessa coola tjejer som testkör motorbåtar och ger sig ut på jordenruntseglingar mm. Efter lunchen gjorde jag en längre konsert med "Dance with me", "Don't wanna know" och "BAM". Det var väldigt uppskattat och inspirerande.

Hann även med en snabb radiointervju hos Skärgårdsradion ute på mässan när jag packat ihop. Avslutade dagen med att kidnappa min fina kusin som fyllt 30 och avnjuta en fantastisk måltid tilllagad av min fina moster, tillsammans med syskon och kusiner. Dock utan barn vilket gav utrymme för lite djupare diskussioner. Sånt gillar jag!
Tar nu på mig skivbolagskepsen och sätter mig framför datorn. Hur sprider jag musiken bäst? Vem ska jag kontakta och klassikern "Vart är vi på väg?".

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