The history of ELINDA

The talented, charismatic singer that captivates any audience with her joy and confidence. ELINDA (Linda Östergren Frithiof) made her first starring role as Sally Bowles in the musical Cabaret at the graduation show at a famous Swedish dancing studio (Lasse Kühler). She later went abroad to entertain guests at Sunwing, Gran Canaries and continued to produce these shows throughout Europe. She was offered work at Golden Hits (Wallmans Entertainment), while studying at the Swedish Ballet Academy, and was also lead singer an international band on cruise ships for a period before she was offered the assignment as a show coordinator and entertainer at Wallmans in Malmö.  After one season she was offered to come back home to Wallmans in Stockholm and eventually also a position on tour around Sweden with Wallmans on tour. 
During this period, ELINDA writes music together with Leif Larsson songwriter and producer for the successful album "Rythm and Blond" with Louise Hoffsten, among others. One of the songs was later chosen by famous singer Björn Skifs for his comeback album "Back on track". Magnus Uggla handpicked Elinda and Jenny Pettersson (more known as Velvet) as soloist, backup vocals and dancers for his big summer tour. The following year, the girls also did backup vocals for famous Markoolio's sold out summer tour.
In the spring of 2000, ELINDA landed a role in the ensemble for the Swedish premiere of the musical RENT, and then took over one of the female leading roles "Joanne", first done by Sarah Dawn Finer. She also played in the musical Greta Garbo at the Oscar Theatre and for many years took on jobs as a singer in many different productions at various types of corporate events in Sweden and abroad, and did backup vocals for many famous artists such as Lutricia Mc Neil, E-type, Shirley Clamp, Martin Stenmarck, Charlotte Perrelli etc.
ELINDA joins the Swedish armed forces Entertainers, where many of Sweden's best musicians is gathered and trained to entertain the Swedish army, in Sweden but also on a mission abroad. She continues to write music, this time with pianist and songwriter Anders Borgius and one of their songs is picked up by Baywatch star David Hasselhoff.
She also sings with Johan Stengård's big band and Jazz Big Band, the female band Moneypennies and entertain hospitalized people in hospitals and has a role in the musical Ingemansland - on tour in Bosnia and Croatia. She starts LC Grace with Lennart Östlund owner of the famous Polar Studios and tours with Swedish music in Russia.  2012, ELINDA is involved in the formation of The Original Band - The ABBA Tribute, as most of the musicians who played with ABBA on albums and world tours that still play actively got together to form their own tribute band. ELINDA is offered the role of "Agnetha" and is responsible for casting, choreography and to some extent even script. "The original band" tours all over Sweden and also a number of tours in China. Among other things, they participate in a big TV-broadcast, a New Year's show in China (about 100 million viewers) and they release a record with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. In 2016, the tour all the concert halls in Sweden, finishing in January 2017 with a crowded concert in the legendary Berwaldhallen.
By then, a long-awaited decision is made to take the leap, stand on her own and start doing her own thing. Since Linda is a very common name she decides to borrow the first letter, E,  in her daughters' given name and the artist ELINDA is born. She starts her own record company, Breaking records, and team up with several of Sweden's best musicians for co-writes. 
The first single "Superwoman" was released early this year co-written with Adrian Davinski, and the sequel "BAM" co-written together with Johan Landqvist, came out in March. The first downtempo song was written as a reaction to everything you see on the internet "Don't want to know". The energetic retro flirt Dance with me co-written with Andreas Aleman is the latest release. More songs are ready and just waiting to be released. Elinda is now well on her way and enjoying every minute. Proud too, for the first time, standing on stage under her own name, sing her own music, say what she wants to and not be told by anyone who or how she should be. She’s finally free!