Elinda - Foto Jens Kristensson
Elinda - Foto Jens Kristensson

The artist ELINDA - New single is out on Friday!!

On Friday the new single "Dance with me" is out!!!



Extremely happy girl! 💃✨ Been surrounded by an amazingly talented and professional crew today. And my audience was sending so much love 💕 Speechless!!! #thankful #elinda #musicvideo #bestcrewever #filmcrew #photographer #styling #choreography #dancers #lighting


Preparing for take 1. 💃✨ #elinda #elindamusic #musicvideo #styling #newrelease #dancewithme


Preparations for tomorrow! I hope to see you there. Now football! #gosweden #hejasverige #elindamusic #musicvideo #dancewithme #goldenhits


Check out this link! 💃✨ On Tuesday at 17-19 at Golden Hits, I record the video (really hope to see you all there) and on Friday the song is finally released. 😅 Here is a link to pre-save it onto your own playlists today. On Friday it will appear there and you are doing me a huge favour by showing Spotify that there is a demand for my music. Just click on the link and choose your playlist. ✔️🙏 ❤️ https://save-it.cc/musichelp/dance-with-me #elindamusic #spotify #musicvideo #newrelease #swedishmusic #swedishpop #presave


My oldest! ❤️ Happy summer vacation my love! 🎉☀️🇸🇪😍 #Jonathan #proudmom #themeaningoflife #summerbreak


We had no idea what to expect. Many times I asked my self if this was crazy. Paying a babysitter for four days, airfares, entrance tickets (costly), hotel and transfer... was it gonna be worth it? It was all my husbands' idea, and apparently, he was convinced. Was probably more about the need for sun, a break from the everyday life. ;-) But I went along. 
We flew to Nice, and from there we decided to grab a helicopter! MIDEM participants had a special rate, and the taxi fare was also quite expensive, so we decided to make it an event instead of just sitting in a cab.

Absolutely one of the things we will remember when we’re old. We were also in a hurry to our first meeting, and none of us had ever been in a helicopter before. We decided to make the most of it and film it as much as possible. Knowing we had a video coming up.
And my god it was a great experience. The sun was shining, and I felt like a superstar being escorted through security checks and transported in a nice car out to the helipad. And the adrenaline rush as we elevated and left the shore to fly over the ocean was great. So beautiful!

As we arrived, I had no idea what to expect. But we had lots of meetings scheduled, and Mikael gave me a quick brief before each one. We are a good team. We complement each other perfectly. After the first day, we both said that even if this were it, we would be more then happy with our trip. Record Labels, Publishing, PR, Artists, DJ's, Songwriters, Digital marketing, digital services etc. After three days we'd had more than 50 essential meetings and also so much fun getting to know a lot of great people in the industry. I can't even count the happy hour events we attended. ;-)  

Now a week later, we already started collaborations and discussing deals with several of them and are connecting with all of them to see how we can benefit from each other.
I'm so thrilled to make this journey with my crazy husband where the sky is the limit. VIP treatment is taken for granted. ;-) Love it!
Now all my focus is on the video that we will be recording on Tuesday in the center of Stockholm. My very generous neighbor is helping me with the choreography and getting the dancers together. Another friend will be there to do makeup and hair. One will be photographing behind the scenes, and another one will be doing backup vocals. A very generous company will be helping out with the post... The nightclub is also giving me a generous deal.

What would I do without all these guys?! I'm so thankful and happy. I could never afford a video like this without them. It's gonna be so much fun. I just hope the audience will show up. A lot of people expressed an interest in, but you never know in these busy times... Wish me luck!

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30 maj 2018
A video coming up!
12 maj 2018
Spring reflections


Twistonline - ELINDA Twistonline - ELINDA

An interview by Twistonline. 

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