Going international and what about #Metoo

Amsterdam airport Amsterdam airport
What I’m trying to do is nearby impossible. But that’s also what makes it so exciting. I’ve had very creative days in Amsterdam, making decisions and setting new goals. For starters, if we want to have a chance at making a living out of our original music we need to look outside of Sweden. I already have many fans around the world that I know support me a lot and wanna be part of what I do. And the blog don’t translate so even though its harder for me to write and maybe harder for my Swedish fans to read, I will write in English for the time being. This will save me a lot of time. In the future I hope to be able to do both but right now there’s not enough time. That brings me to the second thing we decided. I need help. We can’t do it all ourselves and manage to bring in the money and take care of the kids. We will break. And that’s not the intension with our company Breaking Records… ;-) We have so many contacts and leads that needs to be addressed to spead thing up.

Change of topic: This week a song created by women for the Metoo movement was released and I am one of 56 women to feature on it. Its called "What ever they are saying" if you translate to English. It's a nice song, have a listen. You find it on Spotufy, on my artist page under features. I would have hoped for a more girlpower feeling in the mix but apparently it was very difficult with so many tracks. I’m still proud of being a part of it and hope that it brings in a lot of money for the Womens rights organisations.

Cover to "Vad dom än säger" - Vo PAM mfl. Cover to "Vad dom än säger" - Vo PAM mfl.

What about Metoo? I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately. It is a very important thing that is happening all around the world and I’m happy to be a part of it. The problem is that there is no boss controlling the whole thing. It’s just a big force.  There are guidelines like don’t accuse people or mention any names before their case has been tried in a civil court and so on but the media don’t care about that. They just want the nasty details and have no thought of the consequences of their actions. And from the beginning some people are using it for their own benefit, to get back at an old boyfriend or just for the attention. That breaks and destroys the whole movement. I participated in the movement when all the Swedish singers got together to speak up with one voice. I read all the stories in our closed group on Facebook and it was horrible. So many woman that were badly treated, raped and molested in different ways. How they all spoke about the shame and the fact that so many women kept it to them selves and lived with this secret for many years. Until now! And that is the biggest gain in this whole movement I think, that so many woman have been able to put the blame and the shame where it belongs.
But there have also been casualties like broken families and wrongly accused men. That is so sad and I feel for those it concerns but if we look wider and see all the women that has been hurt through out thousands of years, women whose lives where destroyed and women who killed themselves because of the shame and so on. That number is so extremely far from the number of men that gets hurt now so we must look beyond this and fight for the rights of our daughters and their daughters. And I do hope that this Metoo expands to include all people in the end. There are also men that are being badly treated and sexually harassed by their female boss. It’s a question of peoples right to their body and the danger when there is a big imbalance in power of some sort.

I just had to get that out of my system. Please feel free to make a comment and tell me what you think about it.
Amsterdam was great. A beautiful city with all the canals. But there was no spring, freakishly cold actually. Next week I’m going skiing with the kids but after that I really hope that spring will come to Stockholm. I need it now! Take care of yourself and those you love. <3

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